Frequently Asked Qustions

Will the school be automatically affiliated to CBSE or any national board by becoming a franchise of Brighton International School?

No the school will have to proceed with its own application and subsequent affiliation procedure. Tough the Brighton Corporate Team will help you with the entire process.

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Who owns the trademark of Brighton International School?

The Brighton Trademark is owned by Pratistha Educational Society. The Society has given the mandate for spreading the awareness about the brand to ‘Option Partners LLP’ to help partner school with their set-up.

When is the license fee payable to Brighton?

The license fee is to be paid at the time of signing of agreement.

Is the royalty payable on revenues or on net income? What is the frequency of payments?

Royalty is to be paid as per the agreement and is to be paid and’ settled every three months or as per the final agreement.

 What all help will I get from the Brighton Corporate Team?

The new upcoming school will be ably supported by the corporate team and right from the Feasibility study, Formation of ‘Not for Profit’ entity, Project Management, Curriculum, Vendor Management, Recruitment, Teachers Training, School Management Software (ERP), Learning Management System (LMS), Affiliation consulting will be provided.

What about the Land? What is the minimum requirement for Brighton and for National boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB?

The minimum required land for CBSE is 1.5 acres and for other boards lesser than that, but for Brighton the land requirement is minimum 4 Acres for Non Metros and 1.5 Acres for Metros.

How long does it take to open/start a school right from scratch?

To start a school it takes a minimum of 10 month to 18 months time, but that shall also depends upon the other factors like weather condition, quality of construction, requisite government/local body permissions etc.

What are the kind of returns one could expect?

The returns would all vary from place to place and from infrastructure to infrastructure. Normally, it takes around 7-8 yarn for schools to recoup their investments as for the first 7-8 years, the schools keep on expanding. Post the first decade, one could safely assume a return of 15 – 20% year on year.

Does Brighton provide funding facility, start-up loan for building schools?

We regret to inform you that Brighton doesn’t provide partner schools with any direct funding or loan facility. Tough, we can help you with consultation, model detailed project reports which in turn can help you secure funding from Banks or any such financial institutions.

How long will be the Franchise Agreement?

The franchise agreement will be for as long as school wishes to use the Brighton Brand. In case the partner school does not wish to continue the school will not be allowed to use Brighton’s curriculum, software & support and other proprietary material related to Brighton.

Can same city have two schools of Brighton International School?

The first school shall have the first right of refusal and will be duly consented before opening of another branch in the same city. The team will surely consider the impact of one school over the other before allowing the other school to open.