• To be a part of an IP/Consulting Company {Option Partners}, who has the license for the IP for Brighton International School.
  • To Setup 6 Model Schools under the same name in Tier 1(Outskirts), Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns of India (Preferably in different States) with the ownership lying with the school owner but with the common BRIGHTON – The School name. The promoter does not pay anything to IP Company lifelong after the network grows beyond a certain number of schools.
  • The first of Brighton International School is at Raipur (CG) which is running successfully with 1500+ students in a and the second has started at Shahdol (M.P)
  • The first 6 promoters will own a fixed stake in the consulting company – ‘The Option Partners’
  • The first 6 Model schools will pay a fixed cost based on number of students every year, kindly note this is not based on the Fee collected every year.
  • After the 6 Schools are built by individual promoter, the 7th School will have to pay a LICENCE FEE and a LIFE LONG ROYALTY to the IP Company, which will than get apportioned as per the agreement.
  • The incoming revenue IP Copany will be distributed in the following way
    • 10% – 1st School to sign up – Already at Raipur
    • 9% – 2nd School to sign up – Already at Shahdol
    • 8% – 3rd School to sign up
    • 7% – 4th School to sign up
    • 6% – 5th School to sign up
    • 5% – 6th School to sign up

To know more about this, kindly call the Director at Option Partners and Promoter of Brighton International School Mr Abhiney Singh on +91 70002 40006.

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